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Bully Mod Apk v1.0.0.19 Latest [Unlimited Money] 2023

App Name Bully Mod Apk
Publisher Rockstar Games
Genre Games,Action
Size 2028.8 Mb
Version v1.0.0.19
MOD Info Premium
MOD Info Google Play
Updated on April 29, 2023 (1 month ago)

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In this article, we will discuss an action game that got popular among millions of users due to its unique features and specifications. 

The web developer is trying hard to make Bully Mod Apk one of the best action games across the game community. And in a short time, it gathers enormous fame. 

The modified version of the game is so easily accessible to the users that they can effortlessly get it. Downloads the app file of the game and install it on your devices.

Bully Mod Apk

Bully Apk is regarded as a great action game later updated on 30, 2022. The users can enjoy the supporting version of about v1.0.0.19. 

Bully Mod Apk: Anniversary Edition became popular among users because of its unbelievable aspects that can easily be downloaded using a tiny Mb of approximately 2026.64 Mb. 

In this game, the setting is a school building where several students are studying, but they are bullied by their teachers and pranked with them.

The users protect themselves from destruction by fighting to preserve the schools with different creatures. 

The game allows users to play it in PVP mode, or they can easily invite their friends to join their fun and plated it in multiplayer mode. 

The graphics are so coloured and robust that they give an appealing view to the users. The users can easily control the game by using the game’s control system with a single screen tap. 

They can earn Unlimited Monet as well as Unlock various levels without any purchasing premium for it. 

The Key Features of Bully Mod Apk

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlock Levels 
  • Unique Content 

What’s Inside the Mod (VIP Unlocked) 

Bully Apk is famous for its fantastic mod, which are given below;

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked Levels
  • Unique Graphics

The Unique Features of Bully Mod Apk

Amazing Storylines

The content of the game matters a lot, and this decides the range of the game. Bully Mod Apk: Anniversary Edition got turmoil due to its content.

The students are bullied by their teachers, and all the story are revolved around pranks. The student’s struggle to prove themselves will show in the game.

Bully Mod Apk

High Screen Resolution 

The creator used high screen resolution to give a fantastic impression of the game where every feature is straightforward and dominant. 

Unique Graphics 

The graphics of the game is specially designed to appeal to the sight of the users by giving a realistic touch to the game. 

The biology lab and each element are described using the English language, which helps the users to understand it easily. 

Bully Mod Apk

Control System

The control system of the Bully Mod Apk: Anniversary Edition makes it easier for the users to control the game with their fingertips. All the panels are displayed on the device screen, which helps the users to control it. 


The first game is available in two modes, such as PVP mode, played single or multiplayer, where the users can invite their friends to play a game with each other. 

Bully Mod Apk

Access to Other Features 

The users once start playing Bully Mod Apk: Anniversary Edition, where all the features are unlocked. All the components are easily accessible to the users with just a single click. 

Provide the Best Quality 

The best quality and interface of the game are organized very differently. The users will quickly use all the options mentioned on the game’s display. 

Bully Mod Apk

How Is It Used to Play the Bully Mod Apk?

Bully Mod Apk: Anniversary Edition can be downloaded from the Apk file. The Apk File is easily present on the official site, or users can download it from a third-party website. 

The user will play the role of a student who would be pranked or bullied by teachers. The students will protect themselves from those forces. 

They can also enter a biology lab where they can experience new experiments using different lab chemicals. The high resolution of the screen gives an adequate image of the game. 

The users can share the game with their friends by playing it in multiplayer. And enjoy it. 

Pro Tips to Play Bully Mod Apk 

  • Firstly, download the apk file of Bully Mod Apk: Anniversary Edition
  • Secondly, installed the game by allowing third-party permission. 
  • Now open your website and start your fantastic game.
  • The game will start in the school building, where several teachers bully their students.
  • The users can invite their friends into the game and play multiplayer mode. 
  • The high screen resolution will give an adequate image of the game where each feature and graphic are mentioned and coloured. 
  • Enjoy the game with your friends. 

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What Is Bully Mod Apk?

A. Bully Apk: Anniversary Edition is an action game with unique content that millions of users consider favourable. 

The student enters into school territory where they are bullied by their teachers and pranked. They run away and secure themselves from those pranks where they fight action with other creatures by performing mini-games in the game. 

2. What Is the Mod Info of the Game?

A. Bully Mod Apk: Anniversary Edition gives the following mod info, which is given below; 
Unlimited Money
Unlocked Levels 

3. How Can Download the Game?

A. Bully Mod Apk: Anniversary Edition is available on the Google Play Store and Chrome, where the users can download the apk file of the game.

After downloading the modified version, the users are asked to uninstall the previous versions and install the new version on their devices. 

Allow the third party permission and start playing the game with your friends. 


Bully Mod Apk: Anniversary Edition is considered an action game where several users fight to protect their school territory by avoiding preventing bullying and pranks by the teachers. 

Good speed and no viruses!

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