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Truck Simulator Mod Apk v1.3.4 [All Trucks Unlocked]

App Name Truck Simulator Mod Apk
Publisher Zuuks Games
Genre Games,Simulation
Size 74M
Version v1.3.4
MOD Info Premium
MOD Info Google Play
Updated on April 30, 2023 (10 months ago)

Alternative Game: Minion Rush Mod Apk

Everyone loves to drive. Truck Simulator Mod Apk gives the substantial experience of going to you. This mod has unique trucks, landmarks, and routes for you.

You can start a business, participate in races, hire employees, and experience tours in different countries worldwide.

Truck Simulator Mod Apk

The Truck Simulator Apk gives you the real-time feeling of driving heavy trucks. The whole game scenario provides a wide variety of trucks to choose from for driving.

You can take tours to many places with comfortable and fast driving in your go-to truck. Most of the Truck Simulator Mod Apk, such as the Euro Truck Simulator Apk, allow you to build your own company of trucks that travel around the globe. 

The Key Features of Truck Simulator Mod Apk

  • Transport Over a Wide Variety of Cargo in Over 100 Cities
  • Build Your Truck Collection
  • Play with American Trucks and European Trucks of Your Choice 
  • Travel Through Village, City, And Highway Roads
  • More Than 25 Languages Included for Your Convenience
  • Used Trucks Market
  • Find and Pay for Cheap Gas and Fuel- Newly Added

What’s Inside the Mod [Premium Unlocked]

  • 100 Unlocked Cities to Travel In
  • A Huge Unlocked Truck Collection
  • More Than 25 Frequent Languages
  • DIC Mode System
  • Over 250 Radio Stations to Enjoy Your Journey
  • Real-Time Weather Experiences
  • Build A Great Business and Your Empire in The Truck Kingdom

The Cool Features of Truck Simulator Mod Apk

Huge Collection of Trucks

There is an enthralling and captivating collection of heavy trucks that gives you an amazing, mind-boosting and energizing journey of the way. With the heavy trucks in Truck Simulator Mod Apk, you can participate in ongoing races among the trucks of your zone or your country level.

For a realistic experience through the game, you can buy multiple heavy trucks under the name of different companies. 

You can expand the collection of your favourite trucks. Many trucks are available in stunning eye colours, and every truck has its functional system that gives you a variety of driving.

Truck Simulator Mod Apk

Realistic Elements and Customizing

Drive like a real driver. Truck Simulator Mod Apk has outstanding realistic features. You can do many things as you do in actual driving.

The environment and all the functional activities are painted to be authentic. You can fuel your truck, have a race, buy food for yourself and your companions if you are doing a job, or can manage a market business of your trucks.

Truck Simulator Mod Apk

Stunning Graphics

The very demanded thing of every game is its graphics. This game comes up with incredible, reverberating, and animated features for you. For example, in the cargo Truck Simulator Mod Apk, you experience the natural landmarks of renowned countries. 

Trucks, places, fuel pumps, restaurants, and markets are built-in 3D graphics. This increases the captivity and joy of the game.

Truck Simulator Mod Apk

Build Your Company

You are not going to stay average anymore. The heavy Truck Simulator Mod Apk gives you the leverage to build your own business and fly high.

During the whole game, perks are given in money, diamonds, and other gems. Never forget to get these gifts. You can easily use them to build your business or establish your truck heap. 

Truck Simulator Mod Apk

Sticky Storyline

The theme of the Truck Simulator Mod Apk is to establish you from the average whom no one knows to a business tycoon whom everyone knows. Yeah, this game gives you a way that leads to a beautiful tycoon destination.

Get all the money and gems, invest them in a business of your own, hire employees, widen your truck collection for your business, set up an office, spread your industry over the area and be a business tycoon. 

The Season for Multi-Player Games

Many players are present in the actual Truck Simulator Mod Apk and in the same games by different developers. You can participate in a race with your truck as this game is multi-player. 

The game offers you to hire many employees for your business, giving you real business experience. 

How to Play Truck Simulator Mod Apk?

Mod Apk uses an Xbox that must approach a standard to get the peak enjoyment from the Truck Simulator. Use controllers to handle the truck drive easily.

You can play it by using a joystick which is very helpful, the steering is easy to control, and the brakes are handy to apply. 

Get multiple trucks in this game, take a start from driving, expand your collection, and then start your own business by hiring employees.

Pro Tips to Play Truck Simulator Mod Apk

  • Never forget to take your bonus money, gems, diamonds, and other gifts in the game. You can establish a big truck business by using these perks.
  • For night missions, turn on lamps.
  • Follow the traffic rules thoroughly. This gives privilege to you in the form of more money. 

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best Truck Simulator Mod Apk 2022 On PC?

A. The best Truck Simulator for PC is hard to filter. But here is the list and you can choose on your own which suits you the most and gives you joy:
American Truck Simulator Mod Apk
Euro Truck Simulator Mod Apk
Heavy Truck Simulator Mod Apk 

2. What is the Most Realistic Truck Simulator?

A. The most realistic Truck Simulator Apk is the American Truck Simulator Gold. This gives the most realistic driving experience to you while playing. 

3. Is the Truck Simulator Mod Apk Free on PC?

A. Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a free Truck Simulator to play on your PC. This gives you a vast experience of touring the whole of Europe. You can enjoy this game for free on your PC.


Truck Simulator Mod Apk is a vibrant driving game that makes you feel like a pro driver of different routes. You get multiple bonuses, start your truck business and create long-route tours of other countries.

Good speed and no viruses!

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